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Jakub Bronowicki

Jakub is an analyst in one of biggest global financial institutions, so he likes to know how things work. He is also a public speaking business trainer. He enjoys human interactions and building new friendships. Gets energy when seeing other people grow around him. Likes talks over coffee, fresh breeze during sailing and sounds of nature in beloved Warmia region.

Agnieszka Tkacz

Agnieszka works as a community manager who supports learners from all over the world in finding their best way to learn English. The work demands a lot of empathy and excellent communication skills. She is passionate about the English language and self-development and spreads her passions to others. As she spends a lot of time online, to turn off the digital chip, she practices daily meditation, does yoga, and run. She loves to see how her charges grow, that is why being a member of Toastmasters and also a TEDx mentor is so satisfying for her. 

Anna Suchodolska

I am a dedicated Project Manager with over 20 years of experience delivering complex projects across multiple industries. My strength is proactively building and leading teams and solving strategic problems in transformation and branding processes. Over the past two years, I have also become an advanced creator of crochet dream catchers. For me, TEDx is an amazing place to inspire and be inspired.