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Ewa Turek

Ewa Turek. She performed on stage at the TEDx Warsaw Women 2013 conference. As a mentor and coach helps others to prepare their presentations na TEDx. In 2019, she organized the first TEDxKids conference in Warsaw.
As a coach and trainer teaches the art of communication on the stage. Supports managers and board members in preparing effective media and public appearances.

Bartosz Pawęta

Bartosz Pawęta enjoys his work in the field of Corporate Finance which, combined with his diverse education and 10+ years business experience, gives him solid understanding of challenges that organisations face.

He is also a PhD focused on economic cycles eagerly sharing his knowledge while lecturing. Passionate about sports – karate black belt. Involved in organising TEDx events since 2015.

Maria Mioduszewska

Maria Mioduszewska is a business adviser and change leader with a broad experience in the field of strategy, business transformation and corporate finance. She specializes in finding the best solutions in complex business problems. Maria likes working with people and is always ready for new challenges. She is passionate about slow travel, photography and jazz music and is also a supporter of “zero waste” movement.

Monika Wasilewska

I am a Senior Media Manager with extensive experience, directly responsible for media purchase for over nine years. The scope of my professional interests also includes Public Relations and CSR. Being a part of the TEDx organization was on my list, but now it’s high time for it. In the future I yearn for indulging myself in establishing my own fashion brand with a focus on creating bags.

Lana Ivanova

Communication coach and Adizes Institute organisational consultant, creator of “Tell your story” English speaking club, Toastmasters International member for many years, coffee enthusiast and coffee shop owner.

Justyna Szumińska

Being a part of a TEDx organisation was on her bucket list. She is yoga practitioner. One day you will hear her podcast.

Małgorzata Sawicka Koprowicz

PR specialist. An effective business advisor and expert in marketing, communication and public relations with more then 20 years of experience in implementing marketing strategies and projects for big, small and medium enterprises and personal brands. Optimistic and always up for a new adventure. Keen on yoga, gardening and walking. Practicing mental training to grow potential of her clients in business and effectiveness in their lives.

Aleksandra Lewandowska

Aleksandra Lewandowska is an award-winning speaker, entertainer and emcee with a linguistic and acting background. Loves travelling, writing, making people laugh, dancing flamenco and having meaningful conversations. Values connection over perfection and does her best to spread this idea.

Ewa Czech

Ewa Czech is a public speaking and storytelling coach. She is constantly looking for extraordinary stories in ordinary lives. She strongly believes that everyone has a story to tell and make a change. She loves to teach people, listen to them and watch them spread their wings.

Dorota Ucieklak

Dorota is a Business Operations specialist by profession, a Polish and English philologist and a psychologist by education, and a teacher and public speaker by passion. She has worked in various professional environments: schools, law firms, international trading, copywriting and business administration. She loves inspiring people to learn, express themselves, and make this world a better place to live. Nature and art lover – she is committed and gives a creative touch to everything she takes up.