TEDxWarsawWomen is a conference about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. The most recent event took place on 28th of November 2020… for the first time in a new formula, online!



This is an uncertain time. And yet, amid the physical, cultural and economic challenges affronting us at every level – from personal to global – now is the time to engage. It is time to get involved and co-create the world anew. That’s why the conference’s theme was “Fearless”! 

The “Fearless” woman remains strong and confident. She wants to continue to live boldly, creatively and define herself how her life will change.

Joined by our incredible community of change-makers, artists, scientists, business professionals and idea enthusiasts, we brought to a broad audience bright TEDxTalks presenting new twists and innovative work that is impacting the world in their own way.

Soon all our TEDxTalks will be available online in a high sound and vision quality. Follow our social media not to miss it!

Come be awed, puzzled and inspired by the talented people creating significant impact in our Warsaw community and worldwide. 

That’s what happened in previous years

TEDxWarsawWomen 2018 and 2019 took place at Teatr 6.Pietro which provided the most unique atmosphere for this one of a kind experience. The theatre, located in the Palace of Culture and Science, ensured an air of intimacy often required to embrace TEDx performances. The conferences were bilingual – some of the speakers gave their speeches in English, some in Polish. Translation was provided.

TEDx day is always a day full of inspiration and thought provoking speakers doing their best to make an impact on the world. It is a day full of exciting speeches, workshops and people who – just like you – want to develop and absorb new experiences! Afterwards we met for afterparty where we share our emotions gathered throughout the day.

All the speeches are already available online in high sound and vision quality.  This is what we mean by the TED’s mission “ideas worth spreading”! You can watch all the videos below.

TEDxWarsawWomen 2019

TEDxWarsawWomen 2018

If you missed it – are you ready to engage in the dialogue next time? It’s time to show up! Become a part of global community shaping the future we all want to see!

TEDxWarsawWomen is a local, independent TEDx event, licensed by TED.


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If you wish to join the TED community, support TEDxWarsawWomen, or ask any questions, we’re here for you.